Meet the Team

Explore remote-friendly, flexible opportunities and share in our passion to enhance our customer’s business impact.

We use our background and experience to help our clients see opportunity and help them use technology to grow their business. Our experience in ops and technology have demonstrated us how tricky it is to grow a business. We started FCS because we like being in the trenches building the systems that let our clients grow toward their organization goals.

Tony D
Tony Dale

Tony sets the corporate vision and mission for FCS. He is a proven entrepreneur and a leader in health and technology space and has been active business leader for last two decades.

Abhi Lakshay
VP, Global Ops

Abhi leads FCS global technology solutions and speciality services including resource and change management, QA and advanced integrations.

Steve Coppinger
Sr Project Leader

Steve serves as the champion for FCS people and ensures each team has the right talent, technology and infrastructure to be successful. He also overseas FCS’ delivery initiatives.

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Tom Rowen
Strategic Advisor

After a decade as a Senior Executive on leadership team, overseeing various management roles in sales, marketing, alliances, industry, product, Tom is now focussed on supporting FCS leadership.